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Metals An alloy in a combination of two or more metals in a metallic matrix, which results in the formation of a component that has different property ...
Casting In metallurgy casting means to form the metal into a desired shape by pouring the hot molten metal into a mold. Ever since the discovery of copper thousands of years back...
Foundries Wherever there is human habitation there is sure to be some kind operations in small or large scale. The basic equipment required for the factory operations are the the melting machines, molds, and cleaning equipment.With a flood of imagination and the avialbility of the right kind of metal and foundrie set-up , sky is the limit when it come to the variety of casting that can be made.
Patterns Pattern making is a art in itself which can be mastered only by many years of practical experience and by having sound knowledge of the casting techniques.
Applications The rich and varied applications that casting can be used for has made it an all time favourite for different purposes. Casting is used to produce simple house hold product like...

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